"The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it… I can resist everything but temptation."

Happy 160 years, Oscar Wilde!

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Taking it way back! One of my very favorite @ko shots. Photo by @eduardobjuarez Shooting my look book for the #NoJoy fashion show #KarenO #christianjoy
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fun statistics for adults!
“when I was a kid, I had no help with college tuition, I was hardworking and paid it all myself”
-Annual tuition for Yale, 1970: $2,550
-Annual tuition for Yale, 2014: $45,800
-Minimum Wage, 1970: $1.45
-Minimum Wage, 2014: $7.25
-Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 1970: 4.8
-Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 2014: 17.3

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16th of October 1854 Irish writer, playwright, and poet, Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin, Ireland.

Happy Birthday!

Although he is often thought of as an author he only published one novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray in 1891.

The play The Importance of Being Earnest is considered to be Wilde’s masterpiece and is continually revived. In 2007, a first edition (number 349 of 1,000) was discovered inside a handbag in an Oxfam shop. Staff were unable to trace the donor. It was later sold for £650!

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Magic Forest Attire
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Resources for eating vegan on a budget!

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Audrey Hepburn photographed by Vincent Rossell dancing the twist at the studio de Boulogne during a break in the filming of Paris When it Sizzles, in September 1962. 

A very BIG thank you to my friend at The Fashion of Audrey for sending me these wonderfully candid pictures of Audrey.  Xo

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Preach it Costanza
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some more sketches from this morning
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Opaque  by  andbamnan